Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats




1 pint of milk

100g caster sugar

250ml double cream, whisked to soft peaks

4 eggs

2 vanilla pods, scraped

4 leaves of gelatine


Soak the gelatine in cold water and bring the milk to the boil with the vanilla.

Cream the yolks and sugar together until pale.  Pour the milk over the eggs, stir in and place back on the stove until the mix starts to thicken, remove from the heat.

Add the gelatine and stir.  Allow to cool, but when it starts to set whisk well and fold in the cream.

Pour into moulds and set in the fridge.


CUSTARD (much better than Birds!)

250ml double cream

250ml milk

6 egg yolks

4oz caster sugar

1 tbsp. vanilla essence

½oz corn flour

Little cream for thinning down


Bring the milk and cream to the boil together with the vanilla.  Beat the yolks and sugar together until pale and add the corn flour.

Pour warm milk over the egg mix and return to a low heat and stir until thick.  Remove and allow to cool slightly, adding a little cream to get to the desired consistency.

Cool and use as required.



150ml fruit puree

Grated zest of two oranges

150ml double cream

4 tbsp caster sugar

30g cornflour

6 egg yolks

3 sheets of gelatine soaked in cold water

Italian Meringue:

200g caster sugar

50 ml water

6 egg whites


Boil the fruit puree with the cream.

Mix the sugar, eggs and corn flour together

Pour over the cream mixture and return to the pan and bring to the boil.

Remove from the heat and stir in the gelatine.

For the meringue:

Place the sugar and water in a pan and place on the heat, boil until it reaches 121c.

Meanwhile, whisk the whites slowly until stiff and then pour in the hot sugar and keep whisking until cold.  The sugar syrup cooks the eggs.

Fold the meringue into the custard and place in moulds or rings and freeze.

When ready to use, turn out and glaze with a blow torch and serve.



150ml double cream

1 vanilla pod

500g mascarpone cheese

20g icing sugar


Beat the vanilla and icing sugar into the mascarpone.

Whip the cream into soft peaks and fold in to the cheese.  Place in the fridge to firm up and use as required.



375g good cooking chocolate – 54% coca solids at least

2 leaves of gelatine

200ml milk

30g sugar

1pint whipping cream


Place the chocolate in a saucepan with the milk and sugar.

Soak the gelatine in cold water until soft.  Place the chocolate in a low heat and stir until melted, warm, not hot.

Squeeze out the gelatine and add to the chocolate, stir in until completely dissolved.

Place to one side to allow to cool.

Whisk the cream to soft peaks and once the chocolate is no warmer than blood temperature fold in the cream.  Pour into moulds and allow to set.



180g crème fraiche

180g double cream

1 ½ leaves of gelatine, soaked in cold water

Zest of one lemon, finely grated

Juice of one lemon

50g caster sugar

½ vanilla pod


Place the crème fraiche, sugar and lemon zest in a bowl and mix.

Warm lemon juice and dissolve the gelatine, allow to cool slightly and pour over the crème fraiche and mix in.

Whisk the double cream to soft peaks and fold in the crème fraiche.

Pour into the required moulds and allow to set in the fridge.