Mr Moyden’s Wrekin Blue & Caramelised Pear Tart

Wrekin Blue & Pear Tart


Serves 4

2 pears from the Walled Garden

One block of puff pastry

Sprig of fresh thyme

12 baby onions, peeled

Equal parts, ¼ pint each: white wine vinegar, white wine, tsp sugar, pinch of salt and one chopped red chilli – top up with more white wine vinegar to cover if needed.

Rocket leaves

100g Mr Moyden’s Wrekin Blue cheese

Stock syrup

½ lb sugar

2 pints of water

I star anise

2 bay leaves


Start by making your pickled onions, these can be kept in a jar in the fridge for a few weeks.  Peel the baby onions.

Mix together the vinegar, wine, chilli, salt and sugar.  Bring a pan of water to the boil and drop in the onions and simmer until tender to the point of a knife, then place in the vinegar mixture, bring to the boil and then cool.  Transfer to a Kilner jar and store until ready to use.

Make your stock syrup and place on a low heat.  Peel pears, halve and core.

Drop the pears into the poaching liquor and simmer until they are tender to the point of a knife.  Remove from the syrup and leave to cool.

Roll out the puff pastry so that it’s about the thickness of a pound coin, cut into discs – you can make these larger for a main course or a buffet dish – and then prick with a fork all over.

Slice the cooled pears into a fan and arrange on top of the pastry, brush with some of the stock syrup, sprinkle over picked thyme leaves and bake for 15 minutes until starting to turn golden.  Remove from the oven.

Take large-ish pieces of Wrekin Blue and crumble on the tart in and around the pear slices and return to the oven for 2 minutes to melt slightly.

Serve each tart with a rocket salad, pickled onions and a drizzle of aged balsamic.