Ideas for Gnocchi


These thick, soft, pillowy dumplings made from potato and flour are so versatile that you can marry them up with many different flavours to create a light speedy supper – here are some ideas for you.

Pesto, mozzarella and prosciutto crisp

Cook the gnocchi according to the packet and drain.  Gently warm some Seggiano Raw Basil Pesto and toss the gnocchi through the sauce gently.  In a frying pan, gently crisp up slices of prosciutto in butter.  To assemble, pile your gnocchi into warm bowls and top with torn mozzarella, the prosciutto crisp and a sprinkling of black pepper.

 Sage, butter and parmesan

Place a good knob of unsalted butter in a pan and heat up, but do not burn.  Add some finely chopped sage leaves to the butter and then toss the gnocchi into the pan and coat with the herby butter.  Top with a few crispy fried sage leaves, finely grated parmesan and a good twist of black pepper.

 Rich tomato and basil sauce with parmesan shavings

In a heavy based pan, sauté a small chopped onion in some butter and olive oil, add a few chopped cloves of garlic and a bottle of Mr Organic Italian pasatta.  Season to taste and simmer for 10-15minutes on a very low heat.  Cook the gnocchi according to the packet and add to the sauce.  Just before serving tear a good handful of basil leaves, stir through the sauce and serve in warm bowls topped with parmesan shavings.